In addition to our audio sermons available right here on HCCNOW.ORG , we also provide an alternative means of listening to sermons, through podcasts.

Why would you choose podcasts instead of just listening from the website? Well, there are 2 main benefits:

1.) You can download the sermon to listen to at anytime, later, when either you don't have an internet connection, or if you don't want to use your cellular data.

2.) With podcasts, you can close out of a sermon and open it back later and it will pick up where you left off at.

If you have an Apple device such as an iPhone, iPad or Macbook, the process is super easy (there is now a built-in app called "Podcasts"). You can also access Podcasts directly from iTunes (even on a Windows computer). Just install iTunes for PC .

The internet page for the podcast is here:

If you're an Android device user (most non-iPhone touchscreen smartphones are Android compatible... the biggest names are Samsung Galaxy and LG), there aren't any built-in apps, but you can still find tons of Google Play store apps that deliver podcasts.

Here is an article for "10 Best Podcast Apps For Android (2019 Edition)"

Yes, Podcasting is a neat idea, especially if you want to take our sermons and listen to them in your own time, with or without an internet connection, to pause and to resume at your own leisure. Especially in some areas of the world where internet access is still limited. We hope you enjoy the Podcast feature being restored and we also hope to provide it for many years to come!

P.S. - Good things coming!